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Area: 2,140 sq Km
Population: 205,834 (1990)
City Traffic Code: 74
Bartin, the western Black Sea natural beauty, beaches, historic structures, is a province of interest in caves.
Districts of the province of Bartin, Amasra, and Ulus'tur Kurucaşile.
Amasra: city center, north of the steep slopes of the Black Sea brings together the seven hills of Bartin, five on the peninsula and two islands kurulmuştur.İlçe 'major source of income in the tourism sector. The unique natural structure, observe the history of 3000 years in 1940 since the sixties Amasra 's tourism has been a center of attraction. The remedied in charge of tourism infrastructure in recent years Amasra the summer - tourists flock in the winter.
Kurucaşile City Centre, Bartin bays bounded by the north-east of olive and sandalwood on the nose, between the villages kurulmuştur.Karaman Square seal cave fish off the coast there are dimensions of 10x10x10.
Nation: Bartin south-easterly direction, and production from the nation to the north junction of streams. Waterfall and canyon near the village has had occurred.
The average altitude is 2500 meters, Bartin, the relative heights Globe mountains towards the coast is the most important internal parts. Bartin Bartin, who named the river (Parthenious) 14 kilometers in length. Uluyayla, Juniper, shields and Zoni (Arit) plateaus in the province.
Bartin generates 46 percent of their forests. Bartin wet winters, mild summers the Black Sea climate prevails.
Bartin, Black Sea Region is located in the western section. Bartin and the environment despite the lack of precise information about the first settlers of the region to the region's first yerleşenlerinin BC 14. Gaşkalar century, is thought to be coming from. With the start of Hittite Empire to become a major force in the region came to an end the domination of Gaşka. After the collapse of the Hittite Empire, Lydians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, the region of Bithynia and the Kingdom became a judge. Roman period, Bartin, military and economic reasons, are known to gain importance. Roman Empire after Christ 395 Eastern Roman lands in the region are shown to be diverged. After this period, the region continued effectiveness of the Byzantine, 13 century after the Turks came to Anatolia and the surrounding area Bartin Candar principality known to dominance.
1395'te Bayezid, the Genoese colony of Bartin Candaroğulları Principality ashland to take effect, but continued dominance of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in 1460, was Amasra.
Bartin, in 1924 the town of Zonguldak in 1991, has been the province.
Amasra Museum
Address: Kum Mah.
Dereoğlu Sok. No: 4 Amasra -
Bartin Tel: (378) 315 10 06
Ruins of Bartin
Ancient Theatre: Roman times. Ashland southern slope of Hill St. Yorgi. Sections where the stage building, and the rows of seats have been destroyed. Currently used as a cemetery, but is only visible remains of the entrance door.
Roman Ruins: People between the "bazaar" for about 3 km from the so-called ruins Amasra. away. Roman times. A large monument. Of residues, is discussed in the gymnasium or a Roman bath can be. Late in the period used for commercial purposes and the "bazaar" in the name thought to have been received here.
Acropolis: ashland Bedesten the southwest. A small part of the walls standing. Here, some of the columns in the Amasra Museum.
Amasra Castle consists of two main mass. Boztepe island and dungeon in the neighborhood of the masses "Boztepe Belt" are linked by a bridge called. Boztepe and situated in the "Sormagir Castle," also known as the building belongs to the Roman period. 200 meters south of the castle walls is, there are over 6 towers. Part of the dungeon is located in the neighborhood of 300 m. long and 50 m. surrounded by a wide area. The average height of 17 meters. Ashland, used extensively by the Genoese Castle, in particular, 14 and 15 serious repairs were made centuries.
Halilbey Mosque (Upper Church): Bartin city center. Was built in 1872 by Halil Bey. The dome of the rectangular structure of stone and lit by two windows.
İbrahimpaşa Mosque (Central Mosque): yerleribrahimpasacami.jpg] Bartin bazaar. Was built by Ibrahim Pasha, the governor of Bosnia. Year of construction is unknown but is estimated to have a history of 150 years, 1864 and 1897 during his two-fire, re-built in 1898, was opened in 1901, is known to worship. Has been repaired after an earthquake in 1968. 12 to 32 pencerelidir.Kare planned around the big dome, a dome and a single one minarelidir. The main material, the corners of cut stone blocks, the other parts of the rubble stone. There are 11 units under the shop.
Fatih Mosque: 9 Amasra century castle built in an old Byzantine church. Amasra converted into a mosque by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in 1460, during the conquest.
The citadel Mosque in Amasra Castle, an ancient chapel. 15. century converted into a mosque, was closed for worship in 1930.
9. very careful century chapel with a brick-masonry system, 11 × 7 m. dimensions. Ambon in the vault, "Jesus the Prophet's Ascension" (Ascension) tracks reminiscent of the scene, Ambon, and the walls of the narthex, the color and theme of religious murals (frescoes) were decorated with. However, a thin plaster walls and closed, under layers of plaster falling from place to place over time, these frescoes are emerging, and understood that suffered damage.
Nicholas Church, built in 1319 and 1936 since the center of Bartin a period of time is used as power plants, this historic building, restored in 1955 and opened it as a cultural house.
Amasra Küçüktepe Martyriumu: For many years the management of the Roman and Byzantine Amasra, along with Christianity, secretly organized at Eregli and BC 1. the late 2nd century century, Christianity spread very rapidly all the impact of the empire is said to be the first places that it finds in favor of the 9th century, an archbishop, the center is known to be effective in relation to the Crimea.
Underground Market: ashland, presumed to be in the Roman period and the most important part of the bazaar is located Tomaşkuyusu. Bedestendeki construction techniques, the same applies here with 17 m of a main gallery opened about 50 rooms. Areas south and west towards the ancient city located in the large sewers and chimneys found in sewage.
Belediye Parkı 
Hisarkale Vault: Kurucaşile'de, Kromna historical city center is located in the Tekkeönü Hisarkale village. Castle ruins of the castle of Tekkeönü integrated and a corridor extending to the sea and 7 consists of rock wells. Period is unknown, but the wells, is used to store Kromna halkınca erzaklarını war, the corridors and corridors need to escape from the castle to the sea port during the construction of the door opening to the sea is said to be filled.
Amasra and Kurucaşile ports, yacht gecelemelerine available. Kurucaşile, it touches the water and mountains in the world's first wooden boat known as the place where yüzdürüldüğü. Reputation continues today as the site of Turkey's beautiful wood guletlerinin.
Bartin CAVES
With cave cave Gürcüoluk Çakraz'daki Kayadibi'ndeki Sipahiler stalagmites, stalactites, travertine formations and spectacular views exhibits onions.
Bartin steep and forested slopes of the sea meets with the 59 km long coastline and beaches attract domestic and foreign tourists. Despite the short season, especially sea İnkumu Beach (June to October) are in great demand. In addition, Amasra, Çakraz, Kizilkum, Mogada, Bozköy Güzelcehisar and other important ones in the region.
Cumhuriyet Meydanı 
Nature Walk: Bartin springs, the average height of 1000 meters clad in green, like a speck in the middle of forests and places of temporary residence, rich flora and fauna and great views and a shooting range. Bartin, looking for a new nature trails yürüyüşçülerine offers rich options.
Hunting: Bartin, has a rich fishing and wild life. Only Bartin-Kastamonu Mountains National Park in Globe, 40 mammal species and 129 bird species have been encountered. Land during the hunting season Uluyayla Bartin, Kurucaşile rural, Kayabasi, Kayadibi, Büyükdüz, SARIÇİÇEK, Kokurdan, allows regions like Turanlar. The region, according to the season duck, goose, quail, toy bird, turtle dove, woodcock, deer, rabbits and wild game animals such as goats can be found.
Angling: Bartin coast with plenty of whiting, horse mackerel, çinakop, bluefish, mullet, turbot, bonito, needlefish, fish species such as bream, it is possible to capture the different fishing techniques.
Underwater Dive Centers: the section of the crystal-clear and turquoise waters of the Black Sea in Bartin, sunken treasures keeps.
Yukarı Çarşı 
Bartin-Kastamonu Kure Mountains National Park
Bartin local dishes, Bartin gone WHAT TO EAT?
Bartin dishes with meat, vegetables, milk, pasta and rice dishes with embroidered olive oil, consists of soup and desserts. Another noteworthy point is that many varieties of foods belonging to the same species. For example, the type found in more than ten stuffing and rice. Bartin studies related to the kitchen, were found over a hundred varieties, and this clearly reveals the richness of the local cuisine.
Bartin is provided with access to a large section of road.
Highways: total road length of Bartin province is 281 km, 142 km of state roads this, 139 km of provincial road network is located at. There is no highway in the province.
Bartin long-distance road provides access to the west Çaycuma-Devrek (Zonguldak) - Mengen-contemporary age (Bolu), and in the south of Safranbolu (Karabük)-Gerede (Bolu) and E-5 through E-80 Highway, the road reaches the State. In the east of Cide (Kastamonu), and in the south again, Safranbolu (Karabük) is open through the middle and eastern Black Sea and Central Anatolia.
Rail: The nearest railway station 38 kilometers away from Bartin Saltukova'dadır (Zonguldak).
By Air: The nearest airport is 38 kilometers away from Bartin Saltukova (Zonguldak) 'is located.
Sea: Beach city, which serves as the international port of Bartin Bartin port is also the gateway to the passenger. Amasra port of Bartin province with the national commercial ports, harbors, and serves as Kurucaşile.
Let Bartin gone WHAT?
Bartin hand-woven products, especially wire crushing pressure to write manuscripts and wood has been renowned throughout the country. Are highly developed in terms of the town of ashland, wood and woven souvenirs. Kurucaşile, the most rigorous in the country known as the place of making a gulet.
WHAT TO Bartin gone? Do not Leave Without!
Ashland eating fish and salad
Çakraz'da Bozköy and entering the sea
Participating in nature walks.
Bartin is a house without seeing the original,
Bartin Strawberry Festival of Culture and Tourism Events worldwide, without seeing,
... .. Dönmeyin.

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